Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double-Burner Review

Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double-Burner Review

Cusinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double-Burner Review

I spent a lot of time checking the CB 60 Burner, which is a little different from the pack in terms of style, functionality and value. The Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double-Burner is an induction hob that delivers 1800 watts of power. It is a very powerful, inexpensive and easy to use appliance with a wide range of cooking facilities.


The Cuisinart cast iron double cooker allows 2 hotplates, 1 hot plate and 2 cold plates for cooking. It works great if you’re in the market for an induction hob or feel you need more cooking facilities. There is also a 2-burner version of the CB 60 with a cast iron double burner, but it is slightly more expensive and not as powerful as the other two models. It comes with an 18-month warranty and comes on an electric stove, so there is no need for a stove top or other power supply for it. 

A good portable electric stove will completely improve your life, and if you want to extend the backup options you have in your kitchen, the Cusinart CB-60 double burner is probably the best deal. All in all, this is a use that will satisfy your most basic cooking needs at a great price.

Hob Burner:

This hob burner is a small, compact and easy to use burner with a low – powerful – high – efficiency. The burner has an output of 1800 watts – this means that it heats up quickly and retains heat throughout the cooking cycle.

If you need an extra burner, if you are cooking many different items at the same time or if you are cooking for a large group, this worktop burner will come to your aid. Since it is a double burner, you can cook two things at the same time, allowing you to prepare different dishes and meals at the same time. If you need additional burners or have many different items when cooking with a larger group, you will need one or two more burners. If you cook in large groups or if you have a lot of different items that cook at least two or even three different foods at the same time.

For those who do not have enough space for a traditional hotplate in small rooms, this worktop burner is a perfect option. It is also a good option for them if you share a living space with other people, such as family members, friends or work colleagues.

The worktop burner offers a number of different functions and is available in different types and sizes, from single to double burners. The hotplate can be equipped with one or two or more burners, and some have up to six. It can be used to replace or work with a traditional stove, as well as as as a replacement for a stove with hob.

A stove is all well and good, but electric cookers are useful if you need to cook in a more portable way. With a well-utilized power supply, there is no better way to integrate an additional burner into the kitchen than with the Cusinart CB 60 burner.


At 10.6 pounds, this is not the lightest electric burner, but it is still quite portable for a double burner. There is a small amount of water in the bottom of the burner, which makes it less portable for home use, but it is still a good choice for outdoor use.

Theoretically, you can cook two things at the same time with a two-burner burner, but what is a second cooker with the same heating capacity? As mentioned above in the double cast iron burner, it is often better to buy two separate hotplates when the capacity of the hotplate is limited. The appeal of a double burner decreases if one considers that both burners are split at approximately the same power of 1800 watts.

The Cusinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double-Burner is available through most major retailers, but the best price will probably be on AMazon.

8 Total Score
We Love it!

One of the most popular countertop stoves for a reason and it scores highly in ours books.

  • Quick To Heat Up
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
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