Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner Review

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner Review

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner

If you are someone who enjoy the outdoors and fantastic camping trips or just enjoys cooking as a hobby then you know the importance of electric stoves. Unlike other cooking assistants, electric stoves are much more convenient, safer, and still pocket friendly. The Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner is one of the new products that promises to add cooking space to any place or your kitchen.

It incorporates a total of 1300 watts of power, a durable coil-less design, and a premium brushed stainless steel that gives it an elegant look. It features 6-setting temperature control for total flexibility when adjusting and comes in a portable and compact size that make it ideal for small spaces.

Temperature Regulation

One of the best things about electric stoves is their ability to heat instantly. Thanks to the induction-technology, this product heats up much quicker with efficiencies of up to 70 percent while generating less energy waste. The burner is powered by 1300 watts which means faster heating of the cast iron plate which promotes heat retention when you are actively cooking thus making your cooking even more efficient. There is a knob on its side that you use to set the temperature beginning from 1 up to 5 which is the maximum.

Space and Use

One of the selling points of the electric stove over its competitors is its portability. The Cuisinart CB-30 comes in a lightweight design that allows you to take it with you anywhere you like. It is small enough to fit in a very minimal space thus making it easy to store. For easy cleaning, it incorporates an induction cooktop that only needs to be wiped with any damp soft cloth. If you are someone who is constantly travelling outdoors going for adventures, this product will make a great purchase.


Safety is one of the essentials of anything that deals with heat. This Cuisinart burner features a heat-level indicator for showing the surface that is dangerously hot to touch. In addition, there are other additional light indicators for safety on top of the burner including a red light for showing the burner is on and a green light for indicating it is ready for use. For safety reasons, the temperature control knob is located on an easy to reach place. Having been calibrated with large markings, you can easily tell the temperature of the counter top burner on the first look.


-Heavy-duty, solid construction
-Easy to clean
-Easy to use indicator lights
-Large coil diameter fitting most pot and pan sizes


-Takes a bit longer when boiling water


Overall, this Cuisinart burner is a very powerful portable kitchen addition that promises to serve you for a long time to come. It features a stainless steel construction, offers a maximum of six temperature controls, and comes with light indicators for showing when it is ready for cooking. Unlike the other more expensive brands, this model is easy to clean, is rated 1300 watts, and still comes at an affordable price.

It is ideal for holidays and entertaining when you are cooking for a large crowd and can fit in small spaces anywhere including boats and RV’s without a kitchen. With all these useful features at, it is pretty obvious that this electric stove would be a great addition to any kitchen or space that needs an extra burner. If you are looking for new kitchen equipment, I would recommend you to buy it from Amazon where you’ll find the best prices with free shipping.

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