IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner Review

IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner Review

IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner

Who is IMUSA?

The 1500 watt electric double burner made by IMUSA USA is one of the top electric burners on the market, IMUSA USA is based in Doral, Florida and is proud of its innovative, authentic and affordable cookware and kitchenware. It is one of the leading houseware brands. IMUSA USA has become a brand synonymous with appliances that are affordable, easy to operate, well-regarded by homemakers and well made.

They make dependable appliances and this double burner is something the makers would be happy for their own grandmother to cook on!

IMUSA’s quality has been tested by home cooks for eighty years. It is therefore no surprise that IMUSA has succeeded in becoming the leading brand in housewares and now you also have the opportunity to spice up your life with one. This double burner can be used for knocking something up in the outdoors or right smack bang in the middle of your office. It also has neat temperature regulating knobs with efficient heat distribution coils. There is the typical power indicator light and the appliance looks modern, slim and tidy.

What are The Benefits Of Portable Burners?

These days both portable and stationary double burners are popular and found all over the world. One cannot really imagine what life was like without these handy appliances. If you need an extra burner on the odd occasion and don’t have the cash for something big, then this 1500 watt IMUSA double burner is right for you. Budget friendly at $18.47 from Amazon, this burner is so affordable, at under 20 Dollars you can’t really go wrong,  and you won’t be disappointed with the quality at this price either.

IMUSA Double Burner Features:

The IMUSA double burner has rubber feet to ensure it remains sturdy whilst you cook up that storm and it has a short reliable cord for safety, you can take it camping, use it at fiestas, throw it in the back of the car and take it along to sporting events or music concerts. Its size lends itself to being used in small spaces too, like dorms and flats. The IMUSA is 3.9 x 22.4 x 9.6 inches, has a weight of 4.6 pounds.

Once you burn off the protective oil that comes on the electric coils, this appliance will be clean to use. Although a plate gives you a flatter surface for your pots and pans, the heater coils are almost as effective, provided you don’t bend them in transit or with rough usage.

Heats Up Quickly:

The IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner’s 1500 watt heating coils heat quickly and enable you to use the appliance without the frustration of a long and hungry wait. The ability to cook over high heat quickly is exactly what this appliance aims for. The added advantage of this is that they also cool faster than the cast iron plates do, making them safer.

Flexibility In Heat Range:

The plus side of having an extra plate, compared to the single variety IMUSA offers, is the ability of being able to also keep what you are cooking warm, or gently heating delicate foods as opposed to high-heat cooking. The two temperature control knobs that go from min to 6, provide one with the versatility and flexibility of this.


The two plate burner is light, easy to store and the coils can be removed to wipe easily. There are also drip trays beneath the coils which are easy to get to whilst cleaning.

So if I were looking for a cooking appliance, why would I go for this one?

IMUSA has been honing their skills for 80 years and knows what the cook in the home kitchen, who has to watch every cent to afford the groceries, needs.

Customer opinion

The feedback from customers at has been very positive, users have commented that they liked how the burner heats up fast, and is nice and compact and lightweight making it easy to store and also travel with, another good thing is that it offers great value for money.

Most customers have rated the IMUSA USA GAU-80306 Electric Double Burner 5 out of 5 stars, however, some customers found that the power cord is a bit short, so you might need to use an extension depending on where you are going to be using it.

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