Things to Look for in a Portable Countertop Burner


If at one point in life you decide to go shopping for a portable countertop burner, there are some basic considerations you should have in mind before you get the right one that can serve best your needs. Whether you want one for family camping, one for garden barbecues or even one to send your son or daughter to collage with, there is a countertop burner that will suit you.

Three things to look for in a portable countertop burner:

1. Type

There are 3 main types of countertop burners, each with a different quality depending on what you require it for and mode of energy supply.

Electric burners

Coming in the form of a solid cast or coil like rings, electric burners are considerable easy to as long as there is a constant supply of electricity, With the electric burner you can control heat variations according to your cooking needs. Coiled electric burners are a bit more harder to clean compared to the solid cast kind. These burners can be cleaned by whipping them clean only when they have cooled down and disconnected from electricity. One key disadvantage of electrical cookers is that they may take a while to adjust to heat variations hence affecting goods that require controlled heating.

Induction Burners

Like electric burners induction burners also do need a constant electricity supply to work. The difference however comes with its mode of heating. With induction cookers the electricity supplied produces an electro magnetic charge that reacts with a magnetic based pan and the vibration caused as a result heats the pan itself. Compared to other burners the induction burners are more expensive to purchase. They are easy to clean and easy to handle. Its responsiveness to heat change is very fast.

Gas Burner

Last is the gas burner that comes in double or single size and operate on propane or butane gas. Gas burners are easy to operate just like the common home gas cooker. Being small and portable their gas supply cylinders are also light and simple

2. Place of Use.

Where are you intending to use your countertop burner? This is another critical question. Do you want to use it in your collage room? At home as an extra cook spot? At a camping trip? Knowing this can help you choose the right countertop burner. Camping trips in nature parks lack a source of electricity supply, making gas burners the best option. At home and campus where there is electricity, induction or electric burners are suitable

3. Heat Control

Check the burner’s heat controls to ascertain if the burner has the ability to accommodate varying heat settings. The controls should also be well labeled and calibrated to reduce guesswork when repeating certain cooking procedures, this will enhance consistence in meal tastes.

Summing Up

Having gone through some essentials on what to look out for when shopping for countertop burners, you can check out other reviews on the top rated countertop burners on our site and if you want to purchase one, you can check out for varieties on

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